E-commerce for the wine market

E-commerce site for online sales of wines, food products and local products.

Whether you are already established with a traditional business or whether you decide to start selling wines, food products or other local products, it is obvious that a powerful online sales tool is now essential to the rapid growth of your business.

Selling wine online is a booming business

Selling wine online is an attractive and lucrative business any time of the year. More and more wine merchants are also present online. Unfortunately, not all of them are aware that this is an important variation of their profession, offering many advantages.

An online sales site, as long as it is well done and up to date, allows great visibility as well as many other advantages that you can discover on our advantages tab.

With VendereVini, the CBA's online sales site, you will quickly have an effective tool to promote, sell and ship your wines to your customers, wherever they are.

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Natural and automatic referencing

The secret to selling online is search engine visibility. Our site is developed in this sense, it allows in particular several entry points to the products you want to sell. The management of countries, regions, appellations and domains are all methods that will guide the Internet user towards your products ...

A site accessible to all

A modern site must of course adapt to any type of platform and device. It is obvious that our site is fully responsive design and allows you to consult and order from any type of device (smartphone, tablet, pc, etc.)

A simple and effective presentation of products

When an Internet user arrives on your product page, he must quickly find the information necessary to confirm his order: presentation, price, promotions, quantity available, delivery time, etc. This information can be entered in two languages. .

Our e-commerce offers the following presentation features:

  • a simple and clear menu, with customizable colors
  • clear identification thanks to your logo at the top of the page
  • a quick subscription to news
  • access to your profile, your orders, your referrals ...
  • promotional banners with customizable slogans and redirects
  • quick and clear visualization of products online
  • a simplified display of the product, with price, year, domain, opinion, quantities available, current promotion.
  • a simple and efficient product selector allowing the display of products for sale, types of products, color, style, origin, vintage, price, name, domain.
  • banners for direct access to estates or other groups, such as organic wines, etc.
  • a display of contact details, terms of sale, terms of payment, warranty, and various additional services.
  • direct access to social networks Facebook and Twitter
  • ...

The product sheet allows of course to detail the product with great precision. Wine lovers like to know as much as possible about the coveted product, which is how our e-commerce site provides a very detailed description of wines.

  • a photo of the bottle
  • a photo of the label
  • additional photos
  • the name of the wine
  • the cuvée
  • the vintage
  • the type of bottle
  • the location and exposure of the plot
  • the number of bottles produced
  • the alcohol level
  • the grape variety (s) involved in the composition
  • winemaking information
  • tasting information: sight, nose, mouth, finish
  • information on keeping the wine: drinking from… to…, peak from… to…
  • service recommendations
  • the suggested accompaniments
  • the awards obtained and expert opinions
  • restaurants offering this wine a la carte
  • a recipe suggested by the producer
  • other wines from the producer
  • available packages
  • ...

Each product sheet also provides a reminder of information relating to the appellation, the domain, the region, as well as access to the opinions of other customers ...

For products that do not require such a level of detail (groceries, oils, menus, etc.), the information can be masked as desired.

A 3-step ordering system

Once the products have been selected, it is important that the customer can complete his order quickly and easily. Thanks to our three-step confirmation system, your customer will feel confident.

The first step offers the following possibilities:

  • permanent access to the order basket, which can be modified or supplemented as desired.
  • a clear choice in relation to the possible delivery methods, depending on the country of destination.
  • the possible use of a promo or cashback code

The second step is simply to confirm the delivery address or enter a new address.

The third step finally gives access to the secure payment platform. This step ends by sending an order confirmation by email

An integrated communication system

The contact form is a very useful first step in collecting the contact details of prospects, in accordance with the GDPR rules. This form, like other features, allows you to quickly build an important contact base.

The integrated mailing system allows the drafting of professional mails which can be sent as desired after a simple selection of the desired recipients (customers, prospects, partners, subscribers ...)

State-of-the-art service

As IT service providers and wine and food lovers, you will find at CBA a cutting edge product to sell your wine and food products online. You will also have all the advice and you will benefit from an experience tested many times.

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If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of our solution.

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E-commerce for the wine market


Our e-commerce site for the sale of wine has all of the following advantages for the sale of wine on the Internet:

  • Natural and automatic referencing
  • A site adapted to all technologies
  • A simple and effective presentation of products
  • A 3-step ordering system
  • An integrated communication system
  • Expertise to help you start your online experience
  • Can be adapted according to your preferences (colors, logo, social networks ...)
  • ...

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E-commerce for the wine market


E-commerce for the wine market


Our e-commerce site for the sale of wine has the following optimized features for the sale of wine on the Internet:

  • Site optimized for the sale of wines, spirits, groceries and any other regional products ...
  • Bilingual site
  • Automatic and efficient natural referencing
  • Connection to social networks Facebook and Twitter
  • Promotional banners
  • Specific banners by type of wine
  • Banners by producer
  • Efficient search engine
  • Intuitive product selector (On sale, type of product, color, style, origin, vintage, price, name, domain, free search)
  • Clear, neat and seller's display
  • Responsive design for a fast and efficient mobile experience
  • Management of cashback and promotions according to several criteria
  • Management of delivery times and temporary sales
  • Advanced management of delivery costs, minimum quantities and sponsorship
  • Order history for the merchant and for the customer
  • News management
  • Internal mailing campaign manager
  • Guide to wines, appellations, regions, countries, estates ...
  • Detailed and exemplary description of the wines
  • Management of packages and related products ...
  • Possibility of managing various families of items (cured meats, oils, etc.)
  • Customer reviews and scores
  • Faq
  • Lexicon
  • Contact form
  • Customer database in place and functional
  • Online payment and payment terminal for trade fairs and events
  • GDPR compliant
  • Site online and ready to go
  • Several solutions available, from empty site to goodwill ...
  • Can be adapted according to your preferences (colors, logo, social networks ...)
  • ...

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E-commerce for the wine market

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E-commerce for the wine market