CBA software for carpentry

CBA is a team of specialists in IT solutions for all craft and industrial carpentry professionals.

For more than 25 years, CBA has been selecting and offering solutions dedicated to the carpentry sector. In this goal, we have constantly adapted our range of technical and management solutions, just as we have maintained our team at the highest level of skills, in order to cover the needs of each professional in the sector.

We are able to support our customers and provide the necessary service at the software level, as well as at the level of consultancy, installation, training and support. A high level support and a quality and personalized after-sales service for each product and user are one of our main priorities.

All our solutions can be accompanied by service and maintenance contracts, so each user can be assured of having up-to-date solutions and thus benefit from the latest technologies available and all the necessary service.

CBA has many partnerships with CNC machine vendors, training centers and professional federations, in order to better meet market needs.

Discover in detail the solutions dedicated to production management, time management and backups, but also cutting-edge technical solutions in the field of the manufacture of stairs, furniture and cupboards, CNC controls and laser positioning.

Each of the solutions offered by CBA is offered with the appropriate level of service that is required.